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Город: Москва
Адрес: ул. Рождественка, 17, стр. 2
Телефон: (495) 234-43-98
Факс: (495) 737-82-43
e-mail: office@group.omd.ru
web-site: www.omd.ru
Дата основания:

2008 г.

Состоит в холдинге:


Общая информация:

M2M – Your Business. Our Passion.

We are a department of Optimum Media OMD, defined by our culture of brand immersion and service, driven by dedicated and passionate people, delivering quantifiable better results.

We provide a 'best of both worlds' service combining the strength and resources of the OMD network with the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of an independent agency.

Your Business, Our Passion.

Клиенты компании:

Barilla, Campina, Estee Lauder, Home Credit & Finance Bank, Mango, Nemiroff, Nissan  и др.

Медиа сервис директор
Татьяна Рукавишникова